May 23, 2023

Transforming Shame into Strength with Abigail Luvisi

Transforming Shame into Strength with Abigail Luvisi
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From a childhood plagued with self-doubt and shame to becoming a trusted coach and mentor, Abigail Luvisi's journey is nothing short of inspiring. But just when you think you know her story, an unexpected twist takes us on a whole new path. Find out what it is, and how it's made Abigail's mission even more powerful, in this unforgettable transcript.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Conquer doubts and fears related to imposter syndrome and banish shame shadows.
  • Decode the six distinctive shame shadows and their effects on your life.
  • Embrace emotional awareness and foster a deeper connection with yourself.
  • Pinpoint attachment wounds while addressing your intrinsic needs as a human.
  • Uncover the crucial role of vulnerability and self-acceptance in building unwavering confidence.

My special guest is Abigail Luvisi

Meet Abigail Luvisi, an Arizona-based Impostor Syndrome Mindset mentor who has made it her mission to help women conquer the hurdles that prevent them from thriving in life and business. Abigail's distinctive approach to unearthing and tackling the issues that keep us trapped allows her clients to move forward with confidence, knowing their worth and pursuing their dreams. With her own experiences in overcoming shame and self-doubt, Abigail brings a wealth of empathy and understanding to her work with clients, guiding them towards a more empowered and authentic life.

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