May 16, 2023

Overcoming Entrepreneur Burnout with Elijah Weisbrod

Overcoming Entrepreneur Burnout with Elijah Weisbrod
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Entrepreneur Elijah Weisbrod faces his trauma and helps others do the same, using a three-step Hendrix process to achieve lasting change and newfound freedom.

Responsibility, in its healthiest, purest form, is about agency and power and freedom. - Elijah Weisbrod

My special guest is Elijah Weisbrod

Introducing Elijah Weisbrod, an emotional fitness coach who specializes in helping millennial entrepreneurs overcome negative self-talk and self-doubt. Elijah himself faced these same challenges, but through the Hendrix method, he was able to heal his own emotional blocks and trauma, ultimately transforming his life and business. Now, he's on a mission to empower others to achieve the same breakthroughs. Elijah's unique three-step process has helped numerous clients tap into their inner power, overcome their limitations, and build successful businesses that bring them joy. His empathetic and supportive approach makes him an essential ally for any entrepreneur looking to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

This is Elijah Weisbrod's story:

With a newfound sense of purpose, Elijah Weisbrod went on to develop a three-step process inspired by the Hendrix, helping other entrepreneurs overcome their own emotional blocks and negative self-talk. This process involved getting current with one's emotions, getting honest about the root cause, and getting moving towards lasting change. As he began working with clients from various industries, Elijah witnessed the transformative power of this approach, allowing individuals to not only heal from their past traumas but also to reach their full potential as creative, heart-centered entrepreneurs ready to make a difference in the world.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Demystify Elijah's potent 3-step system for conquering negative self-belief and healing deep-seated wounds.
  • Get acquainted with the highly-effective Hendrix method, designed to mend trauma and boost interpersonal relationships.
  • Comprehend the importance of embracing responsibility and bravely confronting your trauma as a catalyst for profound healing.
  • Absorb Weisbrod's pioneering techniques for effectuating permanent changes in your unconscious behavioral tendencies.
  • Envision the endless potential of blending heartfelt passion with business acumen in the pursuit of entrepreneurial success.

To connect with Elijah

Email: elijah@thenocavecareer.com

Social links:


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