May 9, 2023

Ignite Your Inner Fire: Jackie Goddard's Storytelling Secrets

Ignite Your Inner Fire: Jackie Goddard's Storytelling Secrets
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From fashion designer to cancer survivor to actor, this speaker's journey has been one of transformation and healing. But how did she learn to take ownership of her story and find her unique selling point? Find out in this emotionally powerful and inspiring talk, and be left wondering, what other challenges did she face along the way?

You as a speaker are validating their experience, and that's really what you're looking to do. - Jackie Goddard

My special guest is Jackie Goddard

Introducing Jackie Goddard, the brilliant mind behind Power to Speak, a coaching platform that harnesses the power of storytelling to boost confidence and performance. With a rich background in fashion design and the performing arts, Jackie has spent over 25 years mastering the art of communication, both on the stage and behind the scenes. Her passion for empowering business leaders, solopreneurs, and speakers to embrace their unique stories has led to countless success stories and transformed lives by emphasizing the importance of speaking.

This is Jackie Goddard's story:

Jackie Goddard grew up with dreams of becoming an actor, but a dismissive careers officer sent her on a path towards fashion design. However, her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28, just weeks before her wedding. As she navigated the challenges of her illness, Jackie began to rediscover her passion for acting and eventually enrolled in drama school. Her journey into teaching acting led her to recognize the transformative power of storytelling, especially when people shared their personal experiences from the heart. Inspired, Jackie began helping others own their stories, ultimately realizing the importance of her own journey and the healing power of embracing one's unique experiences.

To connect with Jackie:

How To Impact, Influence and Inspire Your Audience, E-booklet, free download: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/r4g3m0

Website: https://www.powertospeak.co.uk

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jackiegoddardpowertospeak/

121: https://calendly.com/jackie-powertospeak/30min

Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtVHnywe_F-gmYkhjRB6GHw

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