March 28, 2023

Eileen Durfee: Revolutionizing Wellness & Spine Health with Natural Healing Remedies

Eileen Durfee: Revolutionizing Wellness & Spine Health with Natural Healing Remedies
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After a lifetime of pain from being pulled from her mother's womb, Eileen Durfee perseveres in her pursuit of health and discovers the power of coffee enema, saunas, light therapy, and ozone-infused water to restore her function and finally achieve the vibrant life she deserves.

"Bottom line, if you have the best widget in the world, and if you never use it, you get no benefits. So that's kind of how this snowballed into me going full-time in my health business. And I've got web stores and we ship products to like 91 countries. And I'm like, I tell people I'm in my fourth life now because I'm finally doing what I like to do."

Eileen Durfee is a former nuclear engineer, auditor, trainer, land developer, home builder, and inventor with 10 patents. She is the CEO and founder of Creatrix Solutions, an innovative health specialist, and expert in spine health, reducing pain, improving overall wellness, and increasing athleticism.

Eileen Durfee suffered from structural issues since she was born, causing her pain her whole life. One day, while walking in a grocery store parking lot, a car ran her over, resulting in immense pain and other health problems. She tried multiple diets and remedies, ultimately finding relief with Natural healing remedies. Through her background in engineering and research, she developed products to help others achieve better health and wellness. Now, at sixty, she feels better than ever and lives a life full of energy, pain-free.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Uncovering the potential benefits of ozone water for boosting oxygen levels and immunity in the body.

2. Using sauna therapy for reducing inflammation and pain, and living longer.

3. Exploring simple lifestyle changes that can help reset the body's circadian rhythm and improve sleep.

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